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About Comedy Central

We have the best job in the world. Where else can you spend your working week making people laugh? That’s not to say what we do is easy. Comedy is tough. So, why do we do it? Simple. We are obsessed with comedy. If we could, we’d stalk it; we’d follow it to the supermarket and go through its bins at night. We live and breathe comedy in all its forms and guises. From writing daft songs about timeless US sitcoms to flying the flag for cutting-edge stand up. If it’s funny, we’re all over it.

That’s the thing. Comedy can be found anywhere and be about anything. Whether it’s the wit of Oscar Wilde or a YouTube clip of a fat guy dressed as a chaffinch. We believe that to be a comedy expert you need to completely immerse yourself in it. Find the funny wherever you can.

You could describe us as being honest, current, bold, irreverent, silly and playful, but these are just words. It’s what we do that defines us. And what defines us is an almost fanatical commitment to make your day that little bit better.



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Did you know?

Did you know that we show more stand-up than any other channel?