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Q&A with Andre Campbell - Senior Planner, Velocity

Hello from Team Viacom Talent!

As you know, our Twitter Q&As are a chance to get an insight into the different roles around the business - as well as ask all the burning questions you want to know! Varying from how you get into the industry to the best places we've been, the Q&As  are your personal look into our business and how our team have got where they are. This week we're joined by Andre Campbell, Senior Planner:


Q: What is the most exciting part of your role?

A: The best part of my role is working with so many different global brands that want to entertain and engage with young people.


Q: How did you become part of the Viacom family?

A: I've always liked leading entertainment brands and this role was a great opportunity to work with them. I've worked in marketing roles for several years and met a Viacom employee at a networking event, who recommended me for the role. Networking is key!


Q: How did you get your role as a Planner?

A:  I secured the role by presenting a proposal during my interview which showed how a mobile phone company could partner with The Isle of MTV - one of MTV's leading music events! This showed I could already do the job before I got it.


Q: What’s your favourite thing about working at Viacom International Media Networks?

A: I love being surrounded by super creative people who are open minded to new ideas. In my experience, some big companies struggle to create an environment where everyone feels they can share their opinions.


Q: Have you got any advice for someone looking to work as a Planner?

A: 1) I would start with thinking about the adverts & brand campaigns which excite you. 2) Check out examples of marketing campaigns which are celebrated within the industry. 3) Find a way to speak to get advice from Planners.


Q: What's your favourite campaign/project you've worked on?

A: I've really enjoyed working on MTV EMA which was in London this year. We worked with a number of social influencers who got to play with some cool MTV EMA branded filters.


A big thanks to Andre for taking part!





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