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HERE seminars and workshops

HERE is Viacom’s Employee Resource Group focused on women. HERE contributes to Viacom’s business goals by cultivating a strong community of women via professional and personal development targeted at Directors to Vice Presidents, and creative collaborations that champion all Viacom women and their interests.

HERE held a day of seminars and workshops with executive coach Lara Roche. Lara teaches you how to focus on what goals are in line with your aspiration AND which are achievable given your realities. Each hour long session provided us with the tools to design our own empowerment throughout our careers as our personal circumstances and priorities change.

The workshop included small group discussions and practical applications which will serve us well for life!

HERE are some quotes from our attendees:

“I have been to a lot of women’s empowerment seminars and workshops before, but this was definitely one of the best. It really provided me with a holistic view of how far women have come in the working world, where we are now and gave me a sense of home for the future.  On an individual level, it made me take an honest look at where I am now and how I set realistic goals to achieve my own unique version of success.” - Ony Anukem, MTV Staying Alive Intern

“It was wonderful to meet women from around the business and share our goals and aspirations. I certainly came out of the workshop feeling inspired, empowered and supported.” - Emma Roberts, Digital Content editor

"The Women’s Empowerment Workshop was a very useful, teaser style coaching session. It was helpful, especially if you were willing to be honest with yourself about your goals and the things holding you back. I found it very insightful." - Trisha Roso, PA HR

"It was a refreshing approach to defining women’s empowerment. It really enabled women to consider their own aspirations and realities and then define meaningful goals." - Stacey Heanue, HR Manager

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