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Q&A with Rebecca Gray – Creative and Digital Intern, International Social Responsibility

Hi all, it's Team Viacom Talent here once again!

Twitter Q&As are a chance to get an insight into the different roles around the business - as well as ask all the burning questions you want to know!

This week we're joined by Rebecca Gray – Creative and Digital Intern, International Social Responsibility:


Q: Hi Rebecca, what’s been the highlight of your time working at Viacom?

A: Definitely working on animations that go out on Snapchat Discover, as they go out globally which is pretty cool.


Q: What made you decide to go for a creative & digital role? Also what made you stand out during application/interview that lead to the success of your internship?

A:  I studied Visual Communication at university and it fitted the sides of my course, which I loved. We were set tasks for the interview and I found that putting my personality into the projects really helped me.


Q:  Which room at Viacom is your fav?

A: The new Inclusion Room is well nice!


Q: There are so many paths in the digital and creative world, how did you choose Viacom?

A: I found that working for Viacom, it meant that I could work across a range of projects with different brands where the work is really varied and this appealed to me.


Q: what's the most engaging piece of media you've produced?

A: I worked on MTV Breaks at Music Week and the MTV EMAs where we found young people around the world to come and work in the industry.


Q: Who bakes the best bread in the team?

A: Haha! Until the office bake off, definitely Georgia Arnold!


Q: Where do you see yourself in five years time?

A: I would definitely love to be in the same line of work at a higher level!


Thanks for taking part Rebecca!

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