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Q&A - Gen Stamp, Comedy Central UK Brand Manager

Hi all, it's Team Viacom Talent!

Twitter Q&As are a great opportunity for you to get an insight into the different roles around the business - as well as ask all the burning questions you want to know!

This week we're joined by Gen Stamp – Comedy Central Brand Manager:


Q: Hi Gen, what’s been your favourite moment working at Viacom?

A: For the launch of Takeshi's Castle on the channel we built the iconic Honeycomb Maze and created some hilarious viral videos which was a lot of fun to be part of!


Q: How did you become brand manager? How long did it take?

A: I joined the company just over 3 years ago as an intern working across both the PR and Marketing teams. I was then taken on permanently and have worked my way up to become Brand Manager!


Q: Do you have any advice on how to make your big break into the media/TV industry?

A: I would say to try and get as many internships/work experience as you can to gain as much insight into the industry as possible. Having a strong linked in profile really helps too.


Q: What’s your favourite Comedy Central show?

A:  Ahh good question, that's a tough choice! I would say either Roast Battle because it's absolutely ruthless or The Chris Ramsey Show. Chris Ramsey is hilarious and has great guests on the show. The brand new series started last night, so definitely go check it out.


Q: What’s been your biggest challenge so far in your role?

A: I would say my biggest challenge is to constantly stay relevant and innovative in such an ever-changing industry. But I love my role, so enjoy coming up with new ideas all the time keeps the job exciting and interesting!


Q: What would be your best advice for an intern? Particularly those with an interest to develop within the company!

A: If you go above and beyond your role it won't go unnoticed! There's always opportunities to get involved with the wider teams in the company so try your best to network internally.


Q: Have you met any famous comedians?

A: I’ve been lucky to meet a few yes! We are sometimes required to go on promo/marketing shoots where we have to work directly with the talent which is great!


Q: Day-to-day what does your work entail?

A: I oversee our marketing campaigns for all our UK Commissions, particularly leading the innovation of social/digital plans. I also work closely with our affiliates so it's a really varied role!


Q: What do you like most about your role?

A: The role really allows me to be creative which I love!


Thanks for taking part Gen!

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