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Because there’s more to life than ‘work work work’

Say What?

Because there's more to life than 'work work work'

Everyone here's an individual

Different experiences.
Different attitudes.
Different ideas.

They make Viacom the place it is so we asked a few of our people to tell us something about their lives outside work.

Say What?

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Q&A with Adam Parker - Lead Writer & Producer at Nickelodeon


Hi everyone, Team Viacom Talent here with the latest installment of our Twitter Q&As sessions - your chance to go behind closed doors at our Hawley HQ and find out more about what our teams get up to. This month, our followers grilled the very talented Adam Parker, who is Lead Writer and Producer at Nickelodeon. Here Adam explains what his job involves and what makes a great Nick show.


Q: Hi Adam, how did you end up becoming a producer for @NickelodeonUK

A: Was lucky enough to secure an internship which became a job as Jnr Researcher @NickelodeonUK. Then a mix of luck & hard work!


Q: How did you get into the industry?

A: Harassed production companies & channels until they found room for me on work exp! Then worked my socks off & networked hard!


Q: Hi Adam, of all the show ideas, what makes a show stand out? What makes it a Nick show?

A: Nick shows never patronise kids - it has to be something they can relate to. Nick is funny, has heart & slime can help too!


Q: Hey Adam. Sounds like a fun job! What's the company culture like at @NickelodeonUK ?

A: It's a fun job, in a very colourful building! We are basically big kids pretending to be adults. We also love emojis! 


Q: Hi Adam, what does a regular day in the office look like as a writer/producer at Nickelodeon?

A: Changes from project to project. Could be anything from ways to slime kids at  to scripting q's for @itsjojosiwa

Q: Wow, sounds busy, but seems like there's lots of variety?

A: Yeah, enjoy all your spare time because once you start in TV it disappears!... because you'll love it so much!


Big thanks to Adam for taking part and letting us snap his picture!

We have a Twitter Q&A every month, so check out our social pages for when our next event is happening.


Twitter: @viacomtalent

Insta: @viacom_talent


Bye for now!

Michael Armstrong – General Manager of BET

We are delighted to announce that Michael Armstrong, EVP & GM, Revenue and Emerging Brands, Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) will be taking up the newly created position of General Manager of BET. According to VIMN CEO Dave Lynn, Michael’s contribution since joining VIMN in 2011 has been significant and varied, taking on ever increasing responsibilities throughout his tenure from brand and channel launches to overseeing brands like Velocity, International Programme Sales and Create Digital Media (CDM).

Michael’s’ impact is evident throughout the organisation. Michael’s generosity as an executive also set him apart having served as an official and unofficial mentor to a variety of employees throughout the business, who have looked up to him based on his strategic acumen and inclusive approach.

Q&A with Catherine Hunter – PR & Cast Coordinator @ MTV

Our Twitter Q&As are a chance to get an insight into the different roles around the business - as well as ask all the burning questions you want to know! Varying from how you get into the industry to the best places we've been, the Q&A's are your personal look into our business and how our team have got where they are.

Last week, VIMN hosted a Twitter Q&A with Catherine Hunter, PR & Cast Coordinator at MTV:

How much experience did you have before starting your internship?

I have a BA Hons in PR and secured a placement at NBCU, which lasted over a year. I truly believe that hard work and personality will always get you to where you want to be.

How did you get into the industry?

I've always wanted to work @MTV, my internship was my break into the industry/dream job. The intern program was a great way in.

What does your job involve?

Anything from attending huge events like the EMA to promo shoots, press days, talent management and writing PR strategies.

Where is the best place that your work has taken you?

Would definitely be @IsleofMTV Malta! I love that getting to travel and work on amazing international events is part of my job.

What's your team like? Who is your favourite?

My team is incredible, & a big reason why I come to work everyday. The support they provide is 2nd to none. No faves allowed.

Who would you love to work with?

There are too many to list, but I would have to say Drake or Bryson Tiller.

Why did you want to get into the industry? Was there a moment when it just clicked?

I grew up with MTV & always imagined myself fitting well into the company. I have a big passion for music & reality TV (LOL)

How many dogs did you want to steal on 'Bring your Dog to Work Day'?

5 to be precise lol, it was up there as one of the best days of my MTV career. My Instagram blew up.

Who's your favourite Geordie?

Who isn't my fave Geordie?! but right now i'd have to say @SophieKasaei_ she's a proper lol

Thanks for all the questions! Look out for our next twitter Q&A coming soon on @viacomtalent #askvimntalent