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Because there’s more to life than ‘work work work’

Say What?

Because there's more to life than 'work work work'

Everyone here's an individual

Different experiences.
Different attitudes.
Different ideas.

They make Viacom the place it is so we asked a few of our people to tell us something about their lives outside work.

Say What?

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Q&A with Rebecca Gray – Creative and Digital Intern, International Social Responsibility

Hi all, it's Team Viacom Talent here once again!

Twitter Q&As are a chance to get an insight into the different roles around the business - as well as ask all the burning questions you want to know!

This week we're joined by Rebecca Gray – Creative and Digital Intern, International Social Responsibility:


Q: Hi Rebecca, what’s been the highlight of your time working at Viacom?

A: Definitely working on animations that go out on Snapchat Discover, as they go out globally which is pretty cool.


Q: What made you decide to go for a creative & digital role? Also what made you stand out during application/interview that lead to the success of your internship?

A:  I studied Visual Communication at university and it fitted the sides of my course, which I loved. We were set tasks for the interview and I found that putting my personality into the projects really helped me.


Q:  Which room at Viacom is your fav?

A: The new Inclusion Room is well nice!


Q: There are so many paths in the digital and creative world, how did you choose Viacom?

A: I found that working for Viacom, it meant that I could work across a range of projects with different brands where the work is really varied and this appealed to me.


Q: what's the most engaging piece of media you've produced?

A: I worked on MTV Breaks at Music Week and the MTV EMAs where we found young people around the world to come and work in the industry.


Q: Who bakes the best bread in the team?

A: Haha! Until the office bake off, definitely Georgia Arnold!


Q: Where do you see yourself in five years time?

A: I would definitely love to be in the same line of work at a higher level!


Thanks for taking part Rebecca!

Viacom in London - Top 20 Best Places to Work in TV

We are delighted to announce that Broadcast Magazine has named Viacom in London as one of the Top 20 Best Places to Work in TV!


This news comes as the annual Sunday Times 100 Best Places to Work list made us a ‘One to Watch’ – a huge accolade given that it was our first entry and more than 900 companies took part.


Without doubt Viacom has always felt like a great place to work and now we’ve proved, congrats to all!


Q&A with Zhen Liu – Shopper Insights and Retail Analytics Intern

It's Team Viacom Talent here, hello hello!

Twitter Q&As are a chance to get an insight into the different roles around the business - as well as ask all the burning questions you want to know! Varying from how you get into the industry to the best places we've been, the Q&As  are your personal look into our business and how our team have got where they are. This week we're joined by Zhen Liu, Shopper Insights and Retail Analytics Intern: 


Q: Hi Zhen! You have a very unique job title, what does your role entail on a day-to-day basis?

A: I oversee the data integrity of retail sales transmission for Nickelodeon consumer products from key accounts across the UK, make sure data is accurate and clean, generate reports to nshow sales performance. 


Q: What’s your favourite part of your role? 

A: I literally love everything about this role by far. I love the nature of my work, dealing with data and using Excel on a daily basis. Also I am able to work with a brilliant team where everyone is super nice, smart and open minded to new ideas.


Q:  Your job must be quite interesting, what is the most fascinating thing you’ve found out doing it? 

A: I got the chance to be exposed to the whole licensing world, and was able to work as a helper in the BLE (Brand Licensing Europe) exhibition last October. This is something completely new compared to what I have done in the past.

Q: What's your favourite Viacom TV show? 

A: South Park!


Q: What’s the coolest thing about working at Viacom?

A: Definitely the working environment! I have been working in other big companies before, and not every company is like Viacom that everyone feels comfortable. The company culture really encourage diversity and respects everyone.


Q: Do you have a favourite product out there at the moment?

A: I have so many favourite items across different Nickelodeon brands! Love Paw Patrol Sea Patroller, Jojo Siwa bow ranges, Nickelodeon Slime products and upcoming Nella's products. Too many good products to pick a favorite!


Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to work in retail analytics? 

A: It is important to have solid Excel and Microsoft Office software skills, and have great attention to details and data accuracy. Great passion for consumer products is a plus!


Thanks to taking part Zhen!