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Because there’s more to life than ‘work work work’

Say What?

Because there's more to life than 'work work work'

Everyone here's an individual

Different experiences.
Different attitudes.
Different ideas.

They make Viacom the place it is so we asked a few of our people to tell us something about their lives outside work.

Say What?

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Q&A - Esther Kissiedu, Social Media and Digital Manager for MTV Shuga.


This week we're joined by Esther Kissiedu, Social Media and Digital Manager for MTV Shuga.

For those of you that don't know what Shuga is, it's MTV's ground-breaking 360-degree mass-media behaviour-change campaign that aims to improve the sexual and reproductive health of young people. The campaign is driven by anawarding-winning TV show is available rights-free at no cost to third-party broadcasters to ensure maximum reach.

Shuga fuses sexual-health messaging with gripping storylines, exploring the issues of sexual relationships between young people. Series 3 of MTV Shuga has aired on 87 broadcasters worldwide, with a potential global reach of over 500 million viewers. It’s been viewed in countries such as: Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, US, Australia, Canada, South Africa, UK, Zimbabwe, Iceland, Zambia and Qatar. You can follow all the episodes via:


Q: Hi Esther!! How did you end up in social media management? 

A: I've been working in the media industry for a while now, then at my last role at the @FT, I really got into social media.


Q: Hey Esther what’s your favourite part of your role?

A: I love how varied my role is and how creative I get to be.I work an amazing campaign that inspires me and challenges me too.


Q: Hi Esther, whats the best thing about working in Social Media at @mtvshuga?

A: I love storytelling and creating content that our audience engages with. Also, the candid responses that we get are great.


Q: Who inspires you?

A: Great Q! My team, definitely. I'm always learning so much from them. Especially my boss! Also, my kick-arse friends ;-)


Q: Hi Esther, Shuga has a big social message, how do you link that in with your social media content?

A: We make sure our content strikes the balance of promoting our keys messages but doing it in a youthful & engaging way.


Q: What's the best thing about working on MTV Shuga?

A: I also love that I get to work and travel across Africa. That's a definite highlight!


Big thanks to Esther for taking part and if you want to know more about MTV Shuga and MTV Staying Alive, then you can tweet Esther at @kissiedu

Q&A with Charlotte Poirier - Consumer Insights Intern

Hi everyone, Team Viacom Talent here with our latest Twitter Q&A session. How to gain an Internship with Viacom is probably the most asked quesion on our social media channels, so who better than to talk about what it's like to Intern with Viacom than the lovely Charlotte Piorier - our Consumer Insights Intern. Here's what she had to say.

Q: Hey Charlotte! What advice would you give an intern applying for a role at Viacom?

A: Prepare, prepare, prepare for every step of the application process and make sure to let your passion shine in the interview! 


Q: Hi Charlotte, how did you end up becoming an intern at VIMN?

A: Had a few research roles then decided that TV research was the area for me, saw VIMN intern opportunity and jumped at the chance!


Q: Hey Charlotte what’s been your favourite moment at VIMN so far?

A: One of my fave moments was #bringyourdogtoworkday as the office was overrun with so many cute dogs!


Q: Hi Charlotte, What exactly do you do when working as a research intern? Is it the same type of research people do in varsity?

A: I support the team on qual research projects that bring the consumer to life for the business, with a focus on people over data.


Q: Hi Charlotte, whats the strangest thing you've had to research so far!?

A: Nothing too strange yet, although we're currently doing some research with kids, which leads to some pretty funny responses!


Q: Hi Charlotte, what has been your most challenging project?

A: I'd say contributing to content testing (audience feedback) always requires a high level of sensitivity and attention to detail.


Q: Hi Charlotte, have you met or seen anyone famous at Viacom?

A: I bumped into Emma Willis outside the office once and the cast of Geordie Shore pop into the office a lot!


Q: Hi Charlotte! What's your favourite VIMN TV show? 

A: @thedailyshow with @trevornoah is my absolute favourite!


Huge thanks to Charlotte for taking part in our Twitter Q&A. If you're interested in an Internship with any of our stellar brands, applications will be opening in early spring. Whatever your interest, whether it's Research like Charlotte, or HR or Programming, we'll no doubt have an opportunity for you! Keep an eye out on our website and social for updates in early 2018!

Bye for now, Team Viacom Talent

Back History Month 2017

It's now October (how did we get to the tenth month of the year already?!) and we're celebrating Black History Month. But what is Black History Month and why is it important?

What is Black History Month?

The month is designed to recognise history, experiences and accomplishments of black people and here in the UK, it not only recognises the contributions of those from African and Caribbean heritage, but those from Asia too. The aims of Black History Month are to promote knowledge of Black history, culture and heritage, disseminate information on positive Black contributions to British Society and heighten the confidence and awareness of Black people to their cultural heritage. 

How did it begin?

BHM wasn’t always a month. In fact, it was initially a week, Negro History Week. Created by Historian Carter G Woodson in 1926, he hoped this week would acknowledge the history of black people and their contributions to society. Carter specifically chose February to commemorate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, the president who ‘freed the slaves’, and each year since 1976, the President of the United States has designated February as Black History Month.  

Black History Month was launched in UK in 1987 – a campaign led by Akyaaba Addai Sebbo who worked for Greater London Council at the time. GLC selected October as the Black History Month to coincide with the Marcus Garvey celebrations and London Jubilee.

From the London boroughs, the interest in Black History Month soon spread to other cities. Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham actively participated in promoting and publicising its philosophy. This year shows the relaunch of the 100 Great Black Britons List, plus numerous talks, exhibitions and events up and down the country. Black History Month continues to go from strength to strength each year.

How can I join in with Black History Month?

Here at our Hawley Crescent HQ, we're celebrating BHM with lots of activities and events. If you want to get involved, check out the Official Black History Month website: for the latest news.